We will admit an Urban Backyard Coop Tour is an unusual Home Tour.  With huge crowds each year, and the popularity of backyard chickens, we get a bit 'cocky' and think everyone understands what A Peep at the Coops is all about.  After all, this is our 6th annual tour.  However, folks sometimes need to hear about it several times to really understand how things work on May 3rd.  Here are some recent email trains, names deleted to protect the innocent....
Email to Stonewall Gardens:
I want to go on the tour this coming Sunday but I can’t figure out how this works. Do I just go to Stonewall Gardens and buy a ticket and get a map to all the coops on the tour or what. How long will the tour take? Will it take all 4 hours from 11am to 5pm to hit all the coops? How spread out is the tour is it just in this general area or is it all over Dallas?
Please advise. I want to go but can’t figure out how?
A Peep at the Coops Reply:
Hi Coop Tour attendee,
So glad you are planning to come to the Coop Tour!
Coop Tour is self guided, so start at Stonewall Gardens to buy a map.  Then, read through the descriptions, and drive to the ones you are interested in checking out. Some folks do every coop, some pick and choose the coops they have time for.  Some folks spend lots of time visiting with the owners, some get a quick view and are off to the next stop. This year's coops are sprinkled across East Dallas, clustered together in groups yet stretched out as well.
Headquarters at Stonewall Gardens has tons of activities, as well.  Local artists, vendors, food trucks coop raffles, coop tour tshirts...lots to do!
Hope this is helpful.
~Coop Tour Committee
Email to Stonewall Gardens:
I am interested in the coop tour, but have a few questions.  Is this a walking tour, from home to home, or should we drive?  Also I read that it is $10 per map.  Does each person attending need to purchase a map as admission?
A Peep at the Coops Reply:
Hi Coop Tour Attendee,
We are so excited about the Tour, and glad you contacted us with questions.  The maps are $10, but one map per group is adequate.  We will have multiple other opportunities to support Stonewall Gardens at the headquarters and marketplace, plus vendors and artists at 5828 E. Mockingbird Lane.
The tour is a self guided driving tour, most coops are a good distance away from each other, from close to Stonewall Gardens to the other side of the Lake.  Back by popular demand, our bike tour led by Transit bikes will tour some of the coops, and will have a fun time getting places!
Thanks again, and see you May 3rd!
~Coop Tour Committee