Check it out:
Chickens, bike tours, Spring time weather,
9 backyard coops through East Dallas,
solar panel dedication at noon,
local artists and sponsors with wares,
raffles for your very own coop,
Chicken Auction, 4-H Urbanites,
All things Backyard Chicken talks at 12, 2 and 4,
Food Trucks, Annie Benjamin's tunes,
Yarnbombed Stonewall Gardens

While you are at it, check out this year's A Peep at the Coop shirt.  Grab yours for $15.

Buy a map for $10 at Stonewall Gardens (5828 Mockingbird Lane).  The tour is a self guided driving tour, most coops are a good distance away from each other.  A handful are close to Stonewall Gardens, the remaining are spread throughout East Dallas. Plan to spend the afternoon enjoying all things backyard chicken related!
See you Sunday!