Moss Haven Farm

Moss Haven Farm, a 501c3 non-profit, exists to cultivate a respect for the earth and food-growth process in our students. We are proud to continue the tradition of the beloved A Peep at the Coops tour. The event is the largest fundraiser for Moss Haven Farm, which is entirely supported by community and corporate support.

Moss Haven Farm's Purpose: Building environmental awareness, healthy habits, connecting curriculum and giving back to the community for East Dallas youth. Current statistics show that most school gardens start strong but are no longer viable within four years. However, at Moss Haven, parents and students alike are dedicated to a sustainable program.

What parents say:

“I truly think that the farm is giving my children great perspective on the cycle of life...and the importance of healthy eating, being active and recycling/composting/repurposing.”

“My child has unique eating habits – we’re working on getting him past this stage and I do feel the farm program helps because he’s curious and is always informing us about healthy eating.”

“The Moss Haven Farm has changed the way my children look at food and has made such an impact on our entire family.”

What teachers say:

“The farm builds community, gives struggling students a place to shine, helps students understand where our food comes from, gives students a place to bond and develop friendships and provides countless opportunities for kids to grow. All of these things together excite the kids. They are proud to be part of such an enthusiastic and exciting school.”

“They love growing things, eating things and working in the garden. They feel connected to the Earth and a part of an exciting movement that doesn’t take place in many schools across the country. Many kids feel more important that they are doing something meaningful and healthy that hopefully will carry over into adulthood.”

“Our farm provides so much enrichment to us as teachers and students. There are so many curriculum connections and ways to learn that are hands on and applicable to real life. It provides opportunities to these urban kiddos that they might not get otherwise. We love the chickens and the farm!”

Moss Haven Farm continues to find new and innovative ways to grow and thrive, enabling our students to succeed now and take important life skills into their future endeavours.