Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow! 
A Peep at the Coop Tour is here!
What has been going on to get ready?  Well, Stonewall Gardens has been knit bombed (and it looks mighty fine!)  The student's crop are looking good, the Stonewall Chickens in their coop have been ready for weeks! The wildscape along Matilda should not be missed.  Tomorrow, it only gets better when our lovely sponsors, vendors, food trucks, e-recycling truck and 4-H friends set up at headquarters. 
Start A Peep at the Coops Tour at Stonewall Gardens, Tour headquarters as early as 11:00.  Buy a $5 map and stroll through the marketplace. Peruse your map for coops that tickle your fancy, and then set off on a fantastic Spring day to enjoy some of Dallas's finest backyard coops, business coops and schoolyard coops!
We are so egg-cited for your visit!